ICO Questions

When will payouts begin and how will they work?

We will distribute VTOS token via airdrop at the end of the ICO.

Do I need a special wallet for the tokens?

Yes, you need a ERC20 support wallet, we recommend (myetherwallet or metamask), if you use an unsupported ERC20 wallet your tokens will be lost.

How to participate in the VTOS ICO?

You can participate by sending bitcoin and ethereum cryptocurrencies to a personal address we will give each user, you can send them from any wallet where you have those assets. Remember to give us you ethereum address with ERC20 support, because if you give us any other type of address not supported by ERC20 tokens, your tokens will be lost.

Can a US citizen participate in the ICO?

Unfortunately citizens from the US, China, Hong Kong, South Korea and Singapore aren’t aloud to participate on our ico.

How many Coins will be allotted during the VTOS ICO?

The total amount for the crowdsale would be 330 million tokens.

Has the smart-contract been audited for security?

Yes of course you can check our github.

Is there a minimum or maximum of VTOS tokens I can purchase during the general sale?

The minimum amount would be equivalent to 30 usd on bitcoin or ethereum asset, but we won't have a maximum restriction.

Which exchanges will offer your coin?

We want to be on top of the market for that reason we are making agreements with several exchangers, but until is an agreement we can´t tell you on wich one will be listed.

What happens to the VTOS ICO undistributed coins?

Based on our business model the VTOS token are an important element of our masternode system therefore, undistributed coins wont be released but will automatically go to our masternodes rewards system.

Can I submit BTC or ETH from an exchange account?

Yes but we will request your ethereum ERC20 address supported for airdrop not tokens can be lost

How long does it take to receive my coins?

You will receive them 72 hours after the ICO ends.

General Questions

What is ICO and pre-ICO?

Initial Coin Offerings can be considered as an alternative form of crowdfunding that has emerged outside of the traditional financial system. This model has helped a lot of successful projects and companies get the funding required to start their business.

ICO Presale or also known as Pre-ICO, is the token sale event that Blockchain enterprises run before the official crowdsale or ICO campaign goes live. The fund-raising targets for Pre-ICOs are often lower as compared to that of the main ICO and tokens are usually sold cheaper.

What is a smart-contract?

Smart contracts are self-executing contracts with the terms of the agreement between buyer and seller being directly written into lines of code. The code and the agreements contained therein exist across a distributed, decentralized blockchain network. Smart contracts permit trusted transactions and agreements to be carried out among disparate, anonymous parties without the need for a central authority, legal system, or external enforcement mechanism.


What is cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency (or crypto currency) is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses cryptography to secure its transactions, to control the creation of additional units, and to verify the transfer of assets.


How to create an Ethereum wallet?

You are not familiar with Ethereum or cryptocurrencies in general, these are the basic instructions on how to set up a working Eth wallet

1.- Go to www.myetherwallet.com, set the password and click Create New Wallet. IMPORTANT: think up a password that you will not forget - it will be impossible to restore it! Write it down and keep it in a safe place. If it is a question of large sums, instructions on access can be stored in a banking cell.

2.- In the next step, you will need to keep your secret key encrypted. This is the same as the key to the safe, but in electronic form. Its presence + password is one of the ways to gain access to your wallet and funds, which are on blockchain. Click "Download Keystore File" and save it on your device. Keep this file in a safe place, preferably on an offline medium, and make a backup copy;

3.- Click ”I Understand. Continue”;

4.- At this stage you will be given your private key in an unencrypted form. This means that having it, any attacker can get access to your wallet. Therefore, it is recommended to print this key and store it in a safe place (for example, a banking cell). Then click "Save Your Address";

5.- The final step is to find out your wallet address. For this you can:

6.- a)Select the option "Keystore File (UTC / JSON)", specify the path to the encrypted file (from step 2) and enter the password invented in step 1. If everything is correct, you will be on the screen of your wallet, you will see its address and balance.

b) Select Private Key. Here you will have to enter your unencrypted private address and password will not be required. This is a dangerous and unprotected way, the use of which we do not recommend! This key must be stored in a secure offline store and used only as a last resort.

After you have a wallet, to buy ether on exchanges and markets you just need to specify its number and make a purchase (on each site its own way). The ether will be transferred there.

How to buy ETH (Ethereum) and BTC(Bitcoin)?

You can also buy Bitcoins as follows: You can also buy Ethers as follows:

CDN /Social network platform

What is the VTOS platform?

VTOS aims to be the leading video and data sharing website. We want to decentralize video and blog content to give value to creators and contributors in a way that have not been done before. Furthermore, we will use VTOS technology that is self-engineered and powered by WebTorrent so others can use it to store data, video, and stream content. Using the underlying blockchain technology we unified Webtorrent and Blockchain making the underlying VTOS technology top-notch by allowing almost free hosting of videos.

What does VTOS mean?

VTOS stands for Virtual Torrent System

What is the difference between VTOS s tokens and VCT tokens?

VTOS is the fundamental unit on the VTOS system. This is the currency that will be sold on the Initial Coin Offering as well as in exchanges and it will serve as a fundamental unit to run the VTOS master node which is the main power of the VTOS ecosystem.

The VCT token will serve as the community token and will be used exclusively on the content platform as a reward system. Once users join the platform they will be able to win VCT every time they post, comment, like or share content on the platform. The amount of rewards will depend on the level of the user as well as the weekly generated bounty(Webminer). This token will help maintain a subsystem of nodes that will further support our platform.

What can I buy and sell on VTOS?

VTOS can only be purchased in two ways: on the crypto exchange, or in our platform.

How will the ad platform work?

Within the VTOS system we plan to introduce a decentralized ad system, this will empower users and companies to Buy and Sell Ads as well as other services by using cryptocurrencies that will be available in our exchange system. Through this mechanism VTOS platform users and content creators will be able to sell their available ad space in their individual video pages as well as their subscription homepage.

Will there be fees to use VTOS?

There will be small fees for subscriptions and for advertisement deals in the VTOS platform.


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